Not another Bono post

A fascinating conversation with Bono about his faith:

With spontaneous eloquence, he said being a worship leader must be "the highest of all art forms, to worship and call people into the presence of God."

Clearly aware of the ironies of his new faith-based campaign, Bono admitted, "If me 10 years ago would have heard me say what I said today, I wouldn't believe me."

Bono spent nearly 45 minutes with us and loosened up a lot as the conversation went on. He would have kept going, but his handlers cut the session off. He was thoughtful and candid, a performer who didn't appear to be performing. And he was enormously compelling, especially when he described the people he has met in his travels in Africa who put real "flesh and bones" on the purpose of his campaign.

via Rolling Stones... ugh. Gimme U2


No SuperBowl show before and none after will ever match U2...

I realize they had the weight of history with/behind them... but they rose to the occasion and took us along with them.

When Bono walks down the stage praying "Oh Lord, open my lips that I might show forth Thy praise" I still get chills.

Absolutely amazing.

Indeed. And you can get the video here. It's been known to reduce a grown man to tears...almost.

Update: The Stones stole U2's ellipse - but, as someone's quipped, the Stones version is called the "e-lips". I know, really bad. Nice stage though.

Get Smart TV star Don Adams dies

Get Smart TV star Don Adams dies:

Actor Don Adams, best known as bumbling spy Maxwell Smart in 1960s TV spy spoof Get Smart, has died at the age of 82.

My love of gadgets just might have been started by this guy. Of course, most of them work about as well as the Cone of Silence. Those of you too young to know what I'm talking about (hello Matt!) just missed out.