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Worship and Evangelism Are Not That Different

When worship is the outflow of your heart because you really love Jesus, and you want to thank him for all he is and all he’s done for you, then evangelism need not be any more complicated or difficult than letting others overhear something of that passion.

Cautions Against Bi-vocational Ministry

There are serious challenges to bi-vocational ministry that those who advocate for it as a strategy do not consider — or at least do not mention.

Three Marks of a Healthy Culture

Is there a dependence on God displayed in prayer? Is there laughter in your halls? Are new leaders being developed and deployed?

How to Lead a Team of Two to Five

So, you have a team. What do you do now? How do you get started leading your team?

Expositional Imposters

Below are a dozen pitfalls: five that don’t make the message of the passage the message of the sermon and thus abuse the text, five that fail to connect the text the congregation, and two that fail to recognize that preaching is ultimately God’s work.

You Aren’t as Smart as You Think You Are...So Manuscript Your Sermons

Allow me to give you four reasons why you should consider writing manuscripts as a part of your sermon preparation.

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How Exciting Should Our Sunday Meetings Be?

Should our meetings be exciting? Absolutely. But let’s make sure they’re exciting for the right reasons.

Living Well

Rev. Hann would be unnoticed today, one of those pastors who never quite ‘made’ it. But when he died at the age of 88, his parishioners placed a commemorative plaque in his honor of the wall of their little meeting house.

How Pastors Save Their People

As you preach and teach the word of God, people hear it, repent, believe, and are saved. This is the work of God, and He chooses to use you and me to do it.

12 Questions for a Six-Month Spiritual Checkup

Review the questions in this post to look at your life.

A Self-Pity Refresher

The following is a brief refresher on some of self-pity’s dangers.

6 Key Ways to Maximize Your Introverted Employees' Strengths

Use these strategies as a starting point for creating an introvert-friendly culture at your company.

A 4 Step, Simple Strategy To Have a Less Stress-Filled Life

I have tried this numerous times and God always responds to my humble attempt to surrender my fears, stress, and concerns to Him.

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Church Planter, Act Your Age

Take a long range perspective of your church’s journey, and fight for the joy of this particular season in the life of your church.

Five Types of Change Resistant Churches

If you are a leader in a church, you must discern where your church is on the change-resistance scale.

Four Keys for Avoiding the Anger Trap

I see at least four ways pastors and leaders can avoid the anger trap.

How to Guard Against Mission Drift

Mission drift happens even in organizations with clear goals and objectives. Consider the following points to help guard against this tendency.

Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning

Before you go to bed tonight, make some choices and some plans to free yourself from the candy addictions and the habits of avoidance that have been ruining the strengthening potential of your mornings.

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The Fields Are White for Harvest, Even When You See Few Conversions

When you see few, if any, conversions in your place of ministry, it can be hard to believe that what Jesus said in John 4:35 is true.

What Kind of Men Does God Use?

Horatius Bonar, writing the preface to John Gillies’ Accounts of Revival, proposed that men useful to the Holy Spirit for revival stand out in these nine ways.

30 Lessons from 30 Years

For what they are worth, here are 30 lessons from the past 30 years.

The Importance of the Pastoral "I Don't Know"

One of the most valuable sentences in a pastor's arsenal is "I don't know."

Six Ways to Build Your Confidence as a Leader

Here are six considerations that can help increase your confidence as a leader.

The State of Evangelicalism in Canada

Australia is further along the secularization process, but Canada is coming on strong, and evangelicals need to be aware of the shifts and be ready for the new reality.

Stage Two Exile: Are You Ready for It?

The Western church is about to enter stage two of its exile from the mainstream culture and the public square. And it will not be an easy time.

A Pastor’s Response to the Death of a Childhood Abuser

I want to make public my frustration at crimes she never paid for. At the same time I want to be magnanimous in my forgiveness as Christ has been in his for my sin.

Instead I feel conflicted.

Why You Should Take Notes by Hand

If you want to learn something from a class or lecture — or, from that matter, a meeting, conference, or any other situation where you're basically sitting and listening — you're best off taking notes with pen and paper.

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What Missionaries Aren't Telling You (and What They Need From You)

In our eyes, everyone we worked with was experienced and godly and strong and competent. We certainly couldn't tell them we were falling apart.

You can bet your life we didn't tell our supporters.

Don't forget to read part two and part three as well.

The Complexity of Pastoral Care

Pastors need to become discriminating pastors. We must abandon any idea of “mechanistic pastoral ministry.” Pastoral ministry takes a keen knowledge of the personalities, life-situations and struggles of congregants.

Charles Spurgeon’s 9 Tips for Christian Readers

The quotes from Spurgeon below come from his writings or sermons and share wisdom for Christian readers on reading and choosing books.

"Band Creep": the New Reality in Contemporary Worship

The worship band has gradually taken over the platform and turned it into a bandstand rather than a place where we lead communal worship in all its forms — Scripture reading, communal prayer, proclamation of the Word, even announcements.

Why Does It Matter That the Holy Spirit Is a Person?

Some of us think of the Spirit primarily as an “it”; a thing, a force, and not a person. But according to the Scriptures the Holy Spirit is a person, coeternal, and coexistent with the Father and the Son.

Religion and Faith in Canada Today

Strong belief, ambivalence and rejection define our views.

My Dad’s Five Vows

On 19 June 2003 my dad wrote down these five vows that he made before the Lord.

5 Things Every Christian Leader Should Pray for Themselves Everyday

While Christians can lift up thousands of different prayers for their leadership, I have found it helpful to daily focus my prayers on the following things.