The Blog of Darryl Dash

This blog is about how Jesus changes everything. He changes:

Our relationship with God

Our relationship with others

Our vocations - how we live and work in this world

Our ministries

This blog exists to explore some of the ways that Jesus changes everything. It provides resources and articles that will help you think about the ways that Jesus can change every part of your life.

The Lord himself invites you to a conference concerning your immediate and endless happiness, and He would not have done this if He did not mean well toward you. Do not refuse the Lord Jesus who knocks at your door; for He knocks with a hand which was nailed to the tree for such as you are. Since His only and sole object is your good, incline your ear and come to Him. Hearken diligently, and let the good word sink into your soul. (C.H. Spurgeon, All of Grace)


Everyone's doing the year-end thing. I won't too much - but I have to reflect a little on the year that has passed. 2002 has been one of those years that has been good, but I wouldn't want to repeat it. I've moved, and I've grown. That's not always the easiest process. At church, we've seem some massive changes. Not everyone's been happy; we've lost a lot of people, and gained a lot as well. Transition is tough on everyone. It's been stretching. We've made progress, but there's no question that 2002 was a tough year for our church. I heard someone say that I'm helping to transition a church, but we weren't quite there yet. That's probably a very accurate statement. Sometime this year, I got my second wind. Preaching had become tough for me. Now, I love it again. I've also been stretched by the whole modern/postmodern thing. I'm not sure if I fit neatly into one category, but some of the modern approaches and styles were frustrating me, but I couldn't see a better alternative. That's starting to change. That's been reflected a little in my preaching, a lot more in how I see church/spirituality. Family's been great. Even when it's hard, there's nothing that beats coming home to a 3-year-old son who can't wait to see you; an 8-year-old girl who can't wait to talk, and talk, and talk; a wife who still sometimes laughs at my jokes. We had two floods in our basement this year. A big hassle, a lot of disruption - but worth it in the end. New carpet, new tiles, etc. A lot like the year - a hassle, but worth it. Who knows how many floods 2003 may hold?


We've been busy with family stuff the past couple of days. Wednesday was Charlene's family, and yesterday was my family. Today it's Char's family again, and tomorrow I conduct a funeral on her side of the family. It's been very busy. Every year I try to start earlier and get more organized so I don't end up tired and sick by the end of Christmas week. Every year I fail. This year is no exception. Most blogs are quiet this week. Not Jordon Cooper's. In the past two days, he's posted 14 - count 'em - 14 entries, most very witty and informative. Not only is he blogging, he's also reading Churchill's History of the English Speaking People, which runs a couple of thousand pages. Plus he seems to be having a great time with his family and friends when he's not designing their blogs. No wonder he gets such amazing gifts. Jordon, we beg you to reveal your secrets. We long for your powers.