Measuring Sundays

This post is from the defunct blog "Dying Church"

From Liquid Church:
The local church may support many good and important activities, including mission trips, evangelism, youth ministry, social projects, and so on, but they are all assessed in terms of their effect or otherwise on regular Sunday attendance. People may turn to Christ through the youth mission or Alpha course, and this is good, but they are not banked, they really don't count, until they start to attend Sunday services. I have sometimes felt that the real purpose of the church services is to enable clergy to count the congregation. This is probably a little cynical, but solid church finds its main sense of success in the number of people who attend on a Sunday. Regular church attendance is seen as being a significant test of spiritual health, and church growth is measured in size of congregations. The importance of Sunday attendance and congregational size can never be underestimated for solid church. Believers are one with each other because they are joined to Christ. The temptation is to reverse these priorities, so that by being joined to the church one is joined to Christ.

Woman's Google search led to date's arrest

From Ananova:
A US man was arrested after a year on the run after a woman checked his name on Google before meeting him for a date. The woman tipped off authorities in New York after agreeing to meet LaShawn Pettus-Brown in a restaurant on Long Island. The woman's Google search revealed there was an FBI warrant out for Pettus-Brown's arrest in connection with fraud allegations in Cincinnati, Ohio.
It's a lot harder to hide this days with Google.

A great challenge

This post is from the defunct blog "Dying Church"

Found through Signposts:
There is not so much a crisis in the Church today, as much as a great challenge, laid down by the world for the Church - and a great opportunity for her. The world thinks that it can do without God; but in fact, it is showing forth how thirsty it is for God, without even knowing it. The Church can go out and meet this need in one way only - she must make all the riches of her divine life incarnate within the world