The Blog of Darryl Dash

This blog is about how Jesus changes everything. He changes:

Our relationship with God

Our relationship with others

Our vocations - how we live and work in this world

Our ministries

This blog exists to explore some of the ways that Jesus changes everything. It provides resources and articles that will help you think about the ways that Jesus can change every part of your life.

The Lord himself invites you to a conference concerning your immediate and endless happiness, and He would not have done this if He did not mean well toward you. Do not refuse the Lord Jesus who knocks at your door; for He knocks with a hand which was nailed to the tree for such as you are. Since His only and sole object is your good, incline your ear and come to Him. Hearken diligently, and let the good word sink into your soul. (C.H. Spurgeon, All of Grace)

Blog is Born

My friend Sandy got me thinking about adding a journal. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Nothing profound or unusual, just my random ramblings, etc...

I attended an awesome church last week. It's called The Embassy. Great music, a solid message, and creative outreach. They're targeting students at the University of Waterloo. It's almost enough to make me wish I studied there.

There are some churches trying new things...Freedomize and The Meeting House come to mind in the Toronto area. It's a tough area, but it's exciting to see some creative efforts.