Theology Pub Recap


We had about 20 people out last night for our Theology Pub with Michael Coren. Michael talked about his book Why Catholics Are Right. It's a well-written book, and it's getting good reviews. There's a lot in there that I (as a non-Catholic) can appreciate, although, of course, not everything. I have a review coming soon.


Take a look at what's on the TV screen in the above picture. Bill Kinnon, who took the picture, comments, "Hopefully the boxing match in the screens above the conversation do not reflect what was happening amongst the gathered 'choir'." (Someone at the pub called us a choir group once. I think that's going to stick.)

We discussed our differences honestly. Most in the group aren't Catholic and would have some serious differences in theology. But it was an honest discussion. Thanks to Michael for coming out. I'm looking forward to further dialogue.

Update: Adam Rumball and Ian Clary have also posted some reflections.

4 Gospel Truths to Remember on Monday Morning

I loved this post by Tim Chester last week:

So what’s the connection between faith in God and your Monday-morning struggles? Identifying and remembering these four liberating truths about God will help:

  1. God is great – so we don’t have to be in control
  2. God is glorious – so we don’t have to fear others
  3. God is good – so we don’t have to look elsewhere
  4. God is gracious – so we don’t have to prove ourselves

Read the rest here.

Registration Now Open for Leaders Who Last (Toronto)

Registration is now open for Leaders Who Last with Dave Kraft here in Toronto on Friday, September 30 to Saturday, October 1.

Dave Kraft is the author of the #1 bestselling book Leaders Who Last. He is a pastor at Mars Hill Seattle, and has mentored Christian leaders like Mark Driscoll. He is leading this seminar because he is concerned that only 30% of Christian leaders finish well.

Here's what one person who attended his seminar has said:

Dave Kraft is that guy you want to be when you reach your 70’s. Still going strong. Walking faithfully with Jesus. Saturated with Scripture. Oozing with passion for the mission of Jesus. The stuff in his seminar isn’t rocket science. It’s basic leadership stuff. The genius is in the way Dave makes it practical, accessible, and engaging. The Leaders Who Last seminar helped my team identify some areas of glaring weakness in our leadership – weaknesses we wouldn’t have seen without his help and insight. This seminar is well worth a day of your time. Don’t worry – all the needy people, leadership challenges, and missional chaos in your church will still be there tomorrow. The difference is: you’ll be better equipped to lead well, for the glory of God, the health of your soul, and the good of your city. I highly recommend The Leaders Who Last Seminar.

Bob Thune
Acts 29 Pastor in Omaha, Neb.

The event will take place at Richview. Find out more here, or you can register now.


The World's Worst Sheep Dog

There's got to be some parallel here to pastors. Give me some time to think about it.

From The Telegraph:

Ci the Border Collie has developed a fear of sheep making it impossible for him to perform his day job...

Mrs Lippington, 54, said Ci instinctively wants to work the sheep, but is too scared.

"If they run away from him, he will go after them and act like a proper sheepdog, but the moment they turn and face him he runs away."

"Sheep can be quite aggressive if they think they have the upper hand – they stamp their feet and gang up in numbers and act like an army."

Check out the video here (via).