Brian McLaren

I just got back from hearing Brian McLaren speak for a few days. It was amazing. The first time I read McLaren's book A New Kind of Christian, I bought in - but thought he might have gone a little too far. Hearing him speak, I'm more convinced than ever that he's right in most of what he says. On top of that, he's an incredibly gracious man with tremendous pastoral insight. It was a gift to hear him.

I also met Jordon Cooper. I've been following his website for quite a while. It was great to be able to meet him.


It's a long weekend in Canada. I usually enjoy long weekends, but this one has been different.

On Friday, our basement flooded because of construction on the sewer line. I spent most of the day and night cleaning up. On Saturday, more running around. Dealing with sewage is not my idea of how to spend a long weekend.

On the bright side, we do get a new carpet!