James MacDonald on the Emerging Church

James MacDonald is the speaker at this conference. He grew up in the Fellowship and now pastors a megachurch in the States.

He has just told us he's writing an article for Christianity Today called "Why I Am Not Emerging". He's said that the emerging church is neo-orthodox.

I'll look forward to the article, but it's frustrating when people think the emerging church equals Brian McLaren. Some of his critique is good, and I appreciate that he speaks highly of the personal character of someone like McLaren, but he certainly didn't present a nuanced evaluation.

Update: James says that he thinks the emerging church is very good at diagnosing the problems, but not as good at presenting solutions.

The wings weren't that spicy

A good time last night hanging out at Freeway. The time at Freeway was interesting because I've been in a lively discussion with a couple of them online. It was good to meet them in person; that always changes the shape of the discussion. The relational dimension is always a huge part of any discussion.

Afterwards, a few of us went out for a snack at Philthy McNasty's. Jordon and I ordered the foolish wings. They make you sign this waiver:

They were hot but not that hot.

I could tell stories but I promised not to talk about the time Jordon snorted Pepsi up his nose and spewed it all over the table laughing. Good times.

Tonight in Hamilton/Burlington

A few of us (Jordon Cooper, Joseph Moreau, Kim Reid, Darren Friesen, Charlene and I) are heading to the Freeway in Hamilton tonight for the worship gathering. Freeway is where Pernell pastors.

Here are directions:

Take 403 into Hamilton. Exit at Main Street West (seperate exit for east and west) turn left at the end of the ramp. Follow Main Street for about 10 minutes until you come into Dundas and turn left at King Street (Thirsty Cactus bar on your left). Follow King Street to 150 King on your left... across from Rona... it's a Salvation Army drop-in centre under an apartment complex.

They meet at 6:00 p.m.

After, we're heading to Philthy McNasty's, just off Brant Street in Burlington. We should get there around 8:00-8:30. It's at 1250 Brant Street, phone 905-319-8555.

If you're in the area, come join us if you'd like.