Life update

  • The book project has re-ignited a desire to write. It's funny, when I was a kid I always wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to be a pastor but I was afraid that when you spoke publicly, you had less chance to edit than when you put pen to paper. I still live with the fear that one day I will really put my foot in it, but so far I've survived every time it's happened.

  • I am off to England with my brother again in just over a week. We are off to look after my father. I am very behind in preparing for the trip; lots to do this coming week to get ready. I have mixed feelings about these trips: dealing with my Dad is hard, and I hate being away from the family. On the plus side, it will be fun to be in England with my brother.

  • I am speaking at a men's breakfast next Saturday at the Canadiana Restaurant at 8 AM. Come for the breakfast, it's $12 and we should have a lot of fun. If you are in the area come out for your weekly dose of food your wife doesn't let you eat. Just let me know you're coming so I can tell the restaurant.

  • Years ago I met Jordon online. We've since met in person a few times but he's become a good friend despite living so far away. Jordon's health continues to be a concern. Looks like he slept well last night but continue to keep Jordon in your prayers.

Only 8% in the resistance movement

051029.gif 92% of visitors to this site use Windows. I'm surprised at the number of Linux users - it's higher than I would have thought. One day I'm going to write a Hal Lindsay type book predicting what's going to happen in the end times except it's going to involve blue screens of death and mysterious Windows messages. Of course those using Linux and Macs will be spared. It will be about as good as the original Hal Lindsay book and I hope to make a small fortune from it. The only sad part is that if my book comes true, the traffic on this site is really going to take a nosedive.