Kevin's Here

Kevin's here. Am I ever glad to see him. Today's business: we're about to buy bleach, garbage bags, and cleaning stuff to completely go over his place. It's a bit hopeless, because we did this two years ago, and the minute we leave the cycle will start again. But at least it's something we can do for now. This week we'll really have to figure out what to do with Dad. It's nice to be able to go through this with somebody else here.

Day in London

Had a great day today. Attended Holy Trinity Brompton (home of the Alpha course). Encouraging worship; challenging service - they're sending off 120 to plant another church in London. Wow.

Did the tourist thing...walked and walked - Harrods (closed on Sunday), Buckingham Palace (last day it's open to the public this year; sold out; done it already anyway), Trafalgar Square, Westminster, London Eye (took a ride on it - great views of London), St. Paul's Cathedral, Metropolitan Tabernacle (Spurgeon's old church), more walking, missed two trains on the way home (don't ask). Dad confused when I got home. Will spend tomorrow with him. My brother Kevin arrives as well.


I've arrived at my Dad's. He's not as bad as I had feared, but that's a relative term. He really shouldn't be living alone. His place is a mess. He's also confused. It's almost going to be harder to take action because he's not as bad as it's probably going to take to get social services or his doctor to act. My brother Kevin is coming on Sunday. It's going to good to have him here.