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Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Cures

A new journal from 9Marks

5 Reasons Pastors Get Depressed (and Why They Don’t Talk About It)

Depression is real with pastors. It seems to be pervasive. May we who serve alongside them, staff and laity alike, take a few minutes a day to pray for our pastors.

Pastor, Take a Vacation — for the Good of Your Church

You are not the linchpin holding your congregation together.

Every Christian Must Be a Theologian

There are at least three primary reasons why every Christian ought to be a theologian.

Don’t Eat Pudding for Breakfast, Dinner and Tea

If you wouldn’t just give your kids cheesecake and ice cream for every meal, why would we give them the theological equivalent from our pulpits?

A Recipe for Gospel-Centered Prayer

What can we do for the people we love? Pray for them.

4 Things Robbing Your Time From Leadership Development

I want to show you four things that are robbing you of time for developing leaders.

I’m also going to share four solutions to take your time back.