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We’re a group that meets in downtown Toronto to discuss theological topics. It all began with a blog post with the following:

Here’s what I’d love to find: a group of people who get together and…

  • Eat. There has to be food. Something happens when you turn to others around a table and eat steak and kidney pie or whatever, and lift a glass together. The whole experience becomes relational.
  • Discuss theology. I am tired of pragmatism. We need to get practical but we can’t start there. We can’t just emote, neither can we only talk how-to’s. Ideas have the power to change the world. I love sitting together with others who are not just wrestling with what to do but who are talking about what to think, who are dipping into some of the best thinkers of the past, and who believe the good stuff is found at the theological, not the methodological, level.
  • Are open but orthodox. Some of my best interactions have been when people from different backgrounds and beliefs are thrown together. Some groups I’m part of are too insular. I want a group that is orthodox but in which we benefit from those who think differently. In other words, it has to be a group in which we talk about our differences honestly but without getting all polemical.
  • Care about mission. If people like Christopher Wright are right (and I think they are) and mission is the basis of the entire Bible, then good theology will propel us into mission. We should become a group of people who are changing the world around us.

We’d love to have you. Events are listed below.

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May 2019 Theology Pub

May 2019 Theology Pub

Register by May 23, 2019. On Monday, May 27 at 7PM, Craig Carter will be speaking about his book Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering the Genius of Premodern Exegesis. In his new book, Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition: Recovering...

May 2019 Theology Pub

November Theology Pub

On Monday, November 26 at 7 PM, Andrew Fountain, pastor of New Life Church in Toronto, will be speaking on The Psychotherapy Revolution: Accelerated Healing of Mental Illness That Accords Well With the Bible. Recent breakthroughs in working with the mentally ill have...

Theology Pub Toronto
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