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Why are they leaving?

This blog post suggests that people are leaving the church because many sermons are polished, but are theoretical and lack the gospel:

Why are people leaving good, established, traditional churches with great facilities, full of quality individuals and extensive children’s programs to attend churches that meet in old schools? Because their pastors have fallen into this trap of theoretical preaching. Therefore, the message is no longer relevant. The pastors are not communicating the life-changing message of the gospel. They are delivering well-polished lectures with biblical points. People know the difference and they vote with their feet.


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    How do you know? You’re evidently in your own church for worship each week. How many of these churches have you been to where this poor excuse for preaching is taking place?If the answer is specific and quantified, I would like to hear it.If not, where does your information, as vivid and forcefully as you express it, come from?Ray

    I’m sorry, I’m new to this. What does “awaiting moderation” mean?

    Ray:I really don’t know for sure. I posted it as something worth considering. It’s probably best to follow the link to read the full article and to leave a comment there.”What does ‘awaiting moderation’ mean?” It means that if you’re a new commenter I have to approve your comment before it’s posted to avoid spam and inappropriate comments.

    It’s this kind of irresponsible blogging by Christians that has turned me of Christianity altogether.