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10 Lessons I learned pastoring the same church for 10 years

The first five years were very difficult, while these last five were a great blessing. Here are a few of the lessons I learned these last ten years that I pray will encourage you in whatever season of pastoral ministry you find yourself.

How to Shape Your Church’s Culture

A key to effective church leadership is to understand a church’s culture as it is presently and shaping it in Biblical ways for the future. The following are three practical ways to shape the culture of your church.

Working on Learning to Rest

If you’re anything like me, you know that you have to be intentional about learning how to rest.

7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Be More Productive, Backed By Science

Here are 7 I things I stopped doing to become more productive.

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He Will Hold Me Fast

Yesterday, I began to tell you about cancer's toll on my body and soul. Today, I want to tell you more about God's work in my soul, even in the most tempestuous times.

5 Benefits Of Having A Challenging Teen

God causes all things – even a teenager’s sin – to work together for our good. Here are 5 ways.

20 Ways to Be Refreshing in the Local Church

How do you refresh the hearts of the saints? Here are twenty practical ways.

When Leaders Are Too Individualistic

A leader needs to accomplish more than he did as an individual contributor, not less. And that’s the precise reason he needs to stop acting like an individual contributor.

Advice to Young Pastors from David Powlison, Danny Akin, Tim Keller

In addition to knowing Scripture and sound doctrine, what should young pastors today be studying? Is your answer any different from what you would’ve recommended 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago?

Four Reasons Why Some Preachers Get Better and Others Don't

If someone has a burning calling, teachable spirit, passionate heart, and reckless abandon to pay the price to preach well, then not even the limitation of his own background, personality, or natural talents will keep him from preaching the Word of God with power.

How To Simplify Your Life In 5 Minutes A Day

Below are five simple ways to simplify your life so you can focus on what is most essential.

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Be Yourself in Prayer

Prayer is naturally one of the most spiritual things we can do as believers, so we don’t need to add anything extra to over-spiritualize it. We can simply come as deeply joyful sons and daughters with reverent awe that we have been rescued by a God who loves us and hears us.

Why Your Church Is Closer to Planting Than You Probably Think

I want to help us understand that church planting involves a series of small steps that are not beyond the grasp of churches.

Becoming an Influential Leader

These principles are important, even if you are not in a formal leadership role in your organization, because leading where you are involves more than just doing your work.

5 Good Words of Pastoral Advice That Stuck

I’ve heard a lot of good words on ministry and ministry life, and while a lot has been good, a few choice bits of wisdom have stuck with me since I heard them. Here are just five.

The Importance of Being a Pastor/Theologian

I believe that there are several reasons why God uses pastor/theologians in special ways. Here are my five theoretical observations.

Why Did God Allow Satan to Harm Job and His Family?

So what should we say in response to the question, “Why did God allow Satan to harm Job”?

Sexuality and Silence

I’ve heard rumors of a silent trend beginning to take hold in some city churches I mean a trend towards silence. Without knowing any of the behind-the-scenes discussions that had taken place, what would I say?

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Six Reasons to Live More Simply—and Give More Generously

How can we live more simply? There are thousands of ways. But these are things few of us will do unless we have clear and compelling reasons. Here are six...

Where Satan Will Attack You Today

Like it or not you are in a war. And do you know where the front of the battle is? It’s in your head.

Kingdom Opportunities Mean Kingdom Adversaries

We are not to shy away from what the Lord is calling us to simply because there might be opposition. No, in this way that we follow our savior, the brave king who came despite all opposition to rescue us, his bride.

Eugene Peterson’s Advice to Seminary Students

I’d tell them that pastoring is not a very glamorous job...

Pastors Shouldn’t Have Trade Secrets

I remain firmly convinced, based upon Scripture and my experience, that pastors should not be in competition with one another. They should support, root for, rejoice in, and serve to ensure the other’s growth.

Top 10 Sermon Introduction Mistakes

While there is lots of room for error in the body of your sermon, there is little room for error in your introduction.

Does Our Church Planting Strategy Include Dying?

This week came a question that thus far had not assaulted my grey matter. It came not from a church member. Nor from a church planting book. But from Ghana.

“Have you come here to die?”

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Everybody Is a Theologian

As ministry leaders, we are called to be good theologians and to teach our people to be good theologians. Good theologians think rightly about God and live rightly before God.

Called to Speak 'Freakish' Truth

As far as I can see, those speaking up for Christianity in the public square today usually rely on one of three approaches. The three differ from each other dramatically, and everything we say is colored by the approach we choose.

Silver Bullet Ministry

We have what we need to do ministry effectively in the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. What we should therefore do is act like that’s true, and not look for the silver bullet elsewhere. God has already given it to us.

Advice to Young Pastors

In addition to knowing Scripture and sound doctrine, what should young pastors today be studying? Is your answer any different from what you would’ve recommended 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago?

Share Today’s Stories Later Today

We must learn to compress time for the gospel. In our highly integrated and globalized world, it is poor stewardship to fail to share what is working and not working in the moment.