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Everybody Is a Theologian

As ministry leaders, we are called to be good theologians and to teach our people to be good theologians. Good theologians think rightly about God and live rightly before God.

Called to Speak 'Freakish' Truth

As far as I can see, those speaking up for Christianity in the public square today usually rely on one of three approaches. The three differ from each other dramatically, and everything we say is colored by the approach we choose.

Silver Bullet Ministry

We have what we need to do ministry effectively in the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. What we should therefore do is act like that’s true, and not look for the silver bullet elsewhere. God has already given it to us.

Advice to Young Pastors

In addition to knowing Scripture and sound doctrine, what should young pastors today be studying? Is your answer any different from what you would’ve recommended 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago?

Share Today’s Stories Later Today

We must learn to compress time for the gospel. In our highly integrated and globalized world, it is poor stewardship to fail to share what is working and not working in the moment.

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Is Church Too Easy?

If our goal is to “teach people to obey” all that Jesus commanded, then we may want to rethink our commitment to comfort on Sundays.

Gospel Affection

Consider what follows a simple encouragement to press into a life of love in practical ways.

Slammed in the Spirit

Christians too often bury the good and beautiful ways God is working through our constant criticism of one another.

The Blessings and Curses of Being an Introverted Pastor

My goal is to share three blessings and curses of being an introverted pastor so that whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you can be encouraged and challenged in your journey as a pastor.

10 Dangerous Distractions for a Pastor

Here are 10 dangerous distractions for a pastor.

When Your Church is Not Revitalizing

It is hard to overstate the difficulty of working in a church where revitalization is not happening. If this is your situation, consider these encouragements to continue laboring in a situation where the fruit is not visible.

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He Must Increase; Our Churches Must Decrease

A gospel-centered church is okay with its own decreasing — in reputation, in acclaim, in legacy, even in (gasp) numbers, but especially in self-regard — so long as it serves the increasing of the sense of the glory of God.

How To Criticize A Preacher

I’m going to give you ten questions to ask that I hope will produce the right words and the right way to say them should you ever have to offer criticism to a preacher.

"All the Law and the Prophets..." in a piece of fruit

Almost every person who has read that fateful chapter has at one time or another expressed the same frustration and confusion at the account of the fall:

"What's the big deal with the fruit?!!"

A Critical Leadership Error and 4 Ways to Approach It

There is one critical error most leaders make at some point. I make it frequently. We forget that people are trying to follow.

7 Lessons for Leading a Growing Church

Church leaders, I want to share with you some insights and suggestions that will encourage you in both your ministry and personal life.

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Bonhoeffer’s Teaching on Preaching

I’m convinced Bonhoeffer has much pastoral and homiletical wisdom to pass on to all who preach or teach God’s Word:

Here are a few of his insights that I found to be highlights...

A Tale of Two Mars Hills

One Mars Hill, and numerous observers, has been adversely impacted by a failure to closely watch life, and one by a failure to watch doctrine.

A third church comes to mind...

The Ordinary Christian Church

When we commit ourselves to this ordinary Christian church, God does extraordinary things.

Shame, the Image of God, and Finding Freedom to Love

The longer I'm a pastor the more convinced I become that every person, regardless of situation, is fighting a hidden battle with shame.

Saltshaker Conference TO

Becky Pippert, author of Out of the Saltshaker, is teaching in Toronto on December 6. If you're in the area, it's worth checking out.

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Tangled Up in Blue: Depression and the Christian Life

Of all the people who should be leading the way in a careful handling of depression, the church should be foremost, both in affirming it's complexity, and in bringing hope to those in its clutches.

A Sample Letter to Help Cultivate Community While Struggling with Depression-Anxiety

It is sad that we use the same logic to isolate ourselves in the experience of depression-anxiety that is commonly used to silence an abused child or a spouse experiencing domestic violence. With our silence about our struggles we become the warden to our cell of isolation.

Chosen is Better Than Worthy

Why worry about being worthy or not, when Christ has called you chosen?

Cultivating Wonder in Children

As you go about discipling your children, as you teach them their Bible verses and correct them when they disobey, do not neglect the sacred discipline of awe.

Never Resist the Urge to Pray

Let us be a people who never, ever, resist the urge to pray. After all, we know the urge is from God, to be used by God, accordance with his commands for our good.

On Platforms, Self-Promotion, and Pleasure Complete

John’s happiness was not tied to his platform. His happiness was tied to God’s purposes.

11 Preaching and Pastoring Lessons Learned from My Mentor

Following are 11 of the preaching and pastoring lessons I’ve learned from my mentor.