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The Letter of R.T. Kendall to the UK Church

R.T. Kendall's open letter to the UK church is good for all of us to read.

3 Ways Rising Secularism Affects Evangelism

Here are three ways I think our evangelism strategies will change in a post-Christian age.

There Isn’t a Way for Churches to Reach Millennials

There isn’t a way to reach millennials. There are many ways, because the real truth about millennials is they are people just like every other age group of people.

Introverts in the Dearest Place on Earth

Both extroverts and introverts must do the work to see that those with the gift of introversion are a grace to God’s Church.

Listening to Young Atheists

These students were, above all else, idealists who longed for authenticity, and having failed to find it in their churches, they settled for a non-belief that, while less grand in its promises, felt more genuine and attainable.

3 Reasons Pastors Should Reject Leadership Books

There are reasons, and seasons, that church leaders should avoid leadership books.

3 Reasons Pastors Should Read Leadership Books

If devotional life and Christian worldview are solid and accompanied by a growing love for people, church leaders can benefit from reading leadership books. Here are three reasons why.

Saturday Links

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What Small Churches Can Do, Part Three

Smaller churches are no less hindered from doing what God has called his people to do than are larger churches.

Is Christianity Dying?

Bible Belt near-Christianity is teetering. I say let it fall.

The Organization That Will Surpass Google, Apple, and Wal-Mart

The church is the only earthly institution that will last for eternity.

10 Unforgettable Lessons on Fatherhood

Ray Ortlund, Jr. on ten lessons he learned from his father.

Love Theologically

The Bible nowhere suggests that good theology can hinder love.

15 Ways To Avoid Burnout When Working In Hard Places

How do/should we cope in these difficult times when we are feeling under enormous stress? Here are some pointers.

Shutting Off The E-mail Firehose

The following eight steps will help you overcome e-mail overload.

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13 Needs That Christianity Meets

What needs does Christianity meet? That’s the question Williams answers in chapter 2 of Existential Reasons for Belief in God; A Defense of Desires and Emotions for Faith, a book that argues for Christian faith on the basis of the number of basic human needs that it meets.

4 Inner Rings You May Be Pursuing

Lewis said as we pursue these Inner Rings we often transform into people we never intended to be. Here are the four principle Inner Rings manifested in our everyday lives.

7 Suggestions for Planting a Church or Revitalizing in a New Community

Here are 7 suggestions for moving to another community to minister.

What Small Churches Can Do

The mission Jesus gave the church is neither size-dependant nor fulfilled by one church.

How To Listen To a Sermon

So the call is to listen eagerly and expectantly to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, looking for instruction and edification at every opportunity. But our eagerness must be joined with careful reflection.

Shutting off the E-mail Firehose

The following eight steps will help you overcome e-mail overload.

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The Gospel Coalition Ontario Conference

Registration is now open.

3 Ways Leaders Can Maintain an Exercise Routine (and Why They Should)

Here are three ways to embed exercise into your life.

The Most Ignored Commandment

Once a week, God walks out on the Sabbath bridge to meet us. But most of us are no-shows; we unapologetically stand up the Creator of the universe, week after week.

How Successful People Work Less—and Get More Done

Successful people know the importance of shifting gears on the weekend to relaxing and rejuvenating activities.

Gospel Irony: When the Gospel Prevails in Unlikely Places

We take courage in this: the gospel prevails in unlikely places.

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Building a Church Planting Culture in Your Church

When a culture of planting emerges, your biggest challenge will become where to plant next.

8 Lies Christians Believe about Success

At some point in my life, Christianity had become a magic wand instead of a humble posture.

What Do We Do When Everything We’ve Worked For Seems To Fail?

How would he cope when the romantic ideal he had pictured in his brain did not match the heartbreaking, daily reality of life on the ground?

4 Things I Learned at Dinner with Church Leaders from Denmark

I was anxious to learn about how evangelicals are witnessing to the gospel in a country that is much further down the road of secularization than the United States.

Don’t be a Commentary Junkie

While they can be terrific as a reference, commentaries are a poor substitute for studying the Bible yourself.

Do Your Sermon Illustrations Help or Hurt? Five Major Pitfalls to Avoid

Sometimes illustrations can do more harm than good. Here are some of the major illustration pitfalls to avoid...

Does the Bible Contradict Itself?

what do I do with all the apparent contradictions in the Bible? Certainly there seems to be contradictions.

Will We See God?

We risk minimizing our need for Jesus if we believe that one day we will be glorified sufficiently to look at God without his mediation.