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Building a Church Planting Culture in Your Church

When a culture of planting emerges, your biggest challenge will become where to plant next.

8 Lies Christians Believe about Success

At some point in my life, Christianity had become a magic wand instead of a humble posture.

What Do We Do When Everything We’ve Worked For Seems To Fail?

How would he cope when the romantic ideal he had pictured in his brain did not match the heartbreaking, daily reality of life on the ground?

4 Things I Learned at Dinner with Church Leaders from Denmark

I was anxious to learn about how evangelicals are witnessing to the gospel in a country that is much further down the road of secularization than the United States.

Don’t be a Commentary Junkie

While they can be terrific as a reference, commentaries are a poor substitute for studying the Bible yourself.

Do Your Sermon Illustrations Help or Hurt? Five Major Pitfalls to Avoid

Sometimes illustrations can do more harm than good. Here are some of the major illustration pitfalls to avoid...

Does the Bible Contradict Itself?

what do I do with all the apparent contradictions in the Bible? Certainly there seems to be contradictions.

Will We See God?

We risk minimizing our need for Jesus if we believe that one day we will be glorified sufficiently to look at God without his mediation.

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Are You Weak Enough for God to Use You?

God is so single-minded in his preference for weakness, that when he wants to use us, he often begins by weakening us.

Steward the Gifts God Has Assigned to You

So live your assignment. Steward your gifts to the utmost for the sake of others. Aspire to be the very best and most fruitful you that you can be for God’s glory.

Being an Iceberg Pastor

Whatever public ministry a pastor engages in (that bit above the surface) needs to be built upon a lifetime of preparation, growth, character, learning, and reliance on God (the mass under the surface).

Are You a Rebellious or Submissive Leader?

Submission is not a word you usually connect to leadership but it may be one of the most powerful attributes for a leader to succeed in going the distance and successfully passing that baton of leadership to his/her successor.

7 Ways to Create Time to Think

I recently shared with some of my team seven ways that I am trying to implement more brain time into my life. Here they are...

5 Freakish Things a Church Must Do

Your church should be seen as a bit odd, freakish, and otherworldly. Here are five peculiar things a church must do...

7 Questions Every Church Needs to Answer

Seriously. Take a day, sit down, and work through these questions.

Saturday Links

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Telling an Alternative Story

A future with hope is one we can build together intentionally, while the future of fear is one from which we can only run haphazardly. The difference is the story we decide to tell.

7 Critical Abilities of Senior Leaders

Here are 7 critical abilities of senior leaders.

A God? That’s Complicated

Canadians hanging on to personal faith as organized religion declines: poll

5 Integral Reasons Mature Disciples Sleep

So why should mature disciples sleep? Here are five integral reasons.

Five Steps to Digital Hygiene

Each habit is hard to swallow and easy to maintain. Worth it.

The Dead End of Sexual Sin

John Owen’s understanding of indwelling sin is the missing link in our current cultural confusion about what sexual sin is — and what to do about it.

Tired of Yourself? Jesus Will Never Tire of You

What better reason to start getting honest about our lives—that we are incomplete works in progress on the way to being made complete—without fear of being rejected or dismissed?

Take heart. In Jesus, you are loved.

Saturday Links

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He Descended into Hell?

What happened after Jesus died? We know that his body was laid in Joseph’s tomb, but what about his human soul?

Peddlers vs. Pastors

Are you a peddler of God’s word or a pastor of the Word? Here’s how you can tell.

Church Planting vs. Church Revitalization

Planting and revitalization are apples and oranges. Don’t mix them. You create confusion in the Church when you do. Just look around in North America.

The Idolization of Entrepreneurialism

We love the notion of running our own lives from tip to tail, including vocationally. But that notion is a pipeline of dissatisfaction for many. It corrodes our contentment in the work God has given us, and that’s a problem.

Respect Your Audience

How will I communicate in such a way to respect my audience and treat them as my peers instead of like marginally intelligent preschoolers?

7 Small Changes That Produce Huge Results

Small changes repeated over time. Huge results.

Saturday Links

Links for your weekend reading:

Walking with a Limp

Were I left to my devices, choosing the "easier path," I would have little need for God. As it is, my weakness is actually the open door through which the grace and power of God enters.

Not That Bright

You don’t have to bear the burdens of the planet, just bear witness to the one who can.

Thoughts on Note-Taking During Sermons

I want them to see preaching in the worship service not as a lecture or as primarily an educational transmission to their minds, but as prophetic proclamation and as primarily aimed at their hearts.

Sing Your Heart Out

Here are five encouragements to enjoy this privilege and its benefits in the life of the body of Christ.

5 Trends to Watch in the Missional Community Conversation

These are the 5 trends to watch in your local church and in the broader missional church conversation.

  1. Re-Valuing of Sunday as Missional
  2. Customizing Missional for Each Church
  3. Patient Discipleship
  4. Dependence on Prayer
  5. Empowerment of women and youth

Religion Isn’t Dying. It May Be Rising from the Grave.

Religion in Canada isn’t declining nearly as fast as we think. A remarkable new survey finds out what Canadians really believe.

Nine Every Morning

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.