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The Ten Pleasures

Here’s my attempt to re-frame the 10 commandments as 10 pleasures to pursue.

9 Types of Bivocational Ministries

I’m convinced we will not win North America and the nations to Christ if we don’t affirm and encourage these roles as well as full-time roles.

Everything You (Might Have) Wanted to Know About Writing and Publishing

Well, maybe not everything. But below are my answers to some pretty common questions.

The Experience of the Author in Writing a Book

What goes into writing a book? This seems to me to be a relevant question at a website like this.

7 Benefits of Preaching Without Notes

Sure, there are plenty of good preachers who use a lot of notes. However, I believe the best, most engaging preachers rarely if ever rely on their notes.
Here’s why.

4 Things I Learned About Work from a Peewee Soccer Team

Over the course of the season, I began to notice a few things that consistently occurred that turned the outcome of every game. Each of them is directly applicable to your work and mine.

The Purposes of Art

“It is an ‘extra’ and it is this very excess that speaks of God’s love for the world. Creativity and the arts are the ultimate proof of the existence of God.”
Saturday Links
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Darryl Dash

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