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Here's a thought, a quote, and a resource I wanted to share with you this Thursday.

“Preach the word…with complete patience.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

I’m grateful for how often Paul talks about patience in 2 Timothy (2:24; 3:10) and in describing his own ministry (2 Corinthians 6:4–6; 12:12).

We’re all part of churches in which people fall short of our expectations and hopes, and situations are tougher than we’d like. Even the best churches are messy. People don’t change quickly. God sometimes works slowly.

Paul’s counsel: keep at the work. Don’t give up. Remember how patient God is with us.

“Nothing is more needed among preachers today than that we should have the courage to shake ourselves free from the thousand and one trivialities in which we are asked to waste our time and strength, and resolutely return to the apostolic ideal which made necessary the office of the pastorate. (We must resolve that) we will continue steadfastly in prayer, and in the ministry of the Word.” (G. Campbell Morgan)

In 1520, Martin Luther was condemned as a heretic by the Pope. Luther: In Real Time recounts the events as they happened with new episodes being released 500 years to the day after the events described.

The podcast began on October 10, but you’ve only missed two short episodes so far. The action is about to heat up.
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Darryl Dash
author of How to Grow