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Here's a thought, a quote, and a resource I wanted to share with you this Thursday.

I happened to walk through Mount Pleasant Cemetery yesterday and came across some impressive mausoleums. I recognized the names on most of them, but not this one:
Just family mausoleum
I came home and did some research.

This mausoleum originally held the remains of the Canadian industrialist Sir Frank Baillie, who helped to establish the modern steel industry in Canada. Baillie died in 1921, but his remains were moved from this mausoleum to Oakville, Ontario in 1965.

The mausoleum sat empty for years before the Just family bought it for the daughters of Thomas Fullerton Just, a prominent mining equipment dealer who lived in Westmount, Quebec. The Just name appears where the Baillie name used to be.

I have questions. Why did they move Baillie’s remains? Did they hold open houses for the mausoleum while it stood empty?

I felt like I was looking at a page out of Ecclesiastes. It was a good reminder not to live for my name being carved in marble here, but for my name to be recognized in another country where I’ll never be forgotten.

“Let each one examine his thoughts, and he will find them all occupied with the past and the future. We scarcely ever think of the present; and if we think of it, it is only to take light from it to arrange the future. The present is never our end. The past and the present are our means; the future alone is our end. So we never live, but we hope to live; and, as we are always preparing to be happy, it is inevitable we should never be so.” (Pascal)

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Unfortunately, it’s IOS only. But if you’re an IOS user who likes lots of podcasts, it’s worth checking out.
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Darryl Dash
author of How to Grow