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Sabbaticals for pastors can be a controversial topic. Even when it’s not controversial, it’s hard for some pastors to take an extended break away from church.

One of my friends recommends that church planters take two weeks off every year as a mini-sabbatical instead of waiting for an extended break they probably won’t get later. These two weeks aren’t considered vacation. They’re for reading, reflecting, and rest.

It’s worth considering for you if you’re a pastor, or for your pastor if you aren’t.

A Yale student under OT scholar Brevard Childs was unhappy with his grade and asked how he could improve his next essay. Childs told him, “Become a deeper person.”

(Jared Wilson)

John Piper’s latest book Providence has been called “magisterial … a culmination of his life study and work.”

And you can download it for free from

If you’d like a paper copy, WTS Books has it for $19.99.
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