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I talked with a friend the other day. Actually, I talked. He listened and asked good questions.

The conversation felt odd because there were moments of silence. I actually wondered if his screen was frozen. It wasn’t. He was just really listening to me, and taking the time to think before responding.

I got off the call and felt like I’d been blessed. It’s rare to feel like someone else has really worked hard at listening. When you experience this, it feels like you’ve been loved.

The conversation was one-sided. I hope to return the favor to him.

I used to aspire to be a good conversationalist. Increasingly, I want to become a good listener. I have a feeling that there’s a greater shortage of the second.

"What could my life, lived with such receptivity to God’s love and presence, be like? ... What good story is God writing with my own ordinary days and years?"

(Winn Collier)

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Darryl Dash
author of How to Grow and 8 Habits for Growth