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I just finished studying Genesis, and now I’m into Exodus.

The timelines startle me. Mark Dever suggests that most of the history of the world may have happened before the days of Noah (see 2 Peter 2:5). Jacob thought his son Joseph as dead for two decades before discovering he was alive in Egypt. Moses grew up in the Egyptian court and received a royal education before spending years in the wilderness.

We see moments. But God works in not just years or decades or even centuries but millennia.

“If you’re wondering why God doesn’t hurry up and solve the problems in your life, consider that God exists outside of time. He already knows the end of this story. There is no suspense. No unknowns. No variables. No ‘what if’s’ to him. It is solved. He has done it. Rest.”

(Jennifer Greenberg)

I’m excited about this week’s resource.

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