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Angela Duckworth writes about Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. Take up a challenge, the book advises, and practice your effort and perseverance.

Trevin Wax touched on the same subject this week in a blog post. “Develop the craftsman mindset. You might master a topic, take on a craft, meet an intellectual challenge, or pick up a musical instrument. Whatever it is, seek to serve others with that skill. Be a specialist in a world of generalists.”

There are some things that we will do only if we put in lots of effort and long hours when it would be easier to do something else. The challenge to all of us: figure out what it is that God is calling you to do, and start — as soon as possible — to put in the grit necessary to make progress, slowly, to serve God and bless the world.

Life is short … I am increasingly conscious that time is limited and that as a Christian I need to be very careful about my personal and professional priorities…

I am amazed at how many Christians spend their days on Twitter and Facebook—too often platforms for ephemeral trivia and unpleasantness. I do not believe Jesus wants me to use my remaining years in exchanging insults with other Christians. I think he wants all his people to witness to the world by using the time and talents he has given them to edify the body of Christ and to help the rising generation think clearly about the challenges we all face.

(Carl Trueman)

Waybase conducted a national survey on the impact of COVID on the wellbeing of Canadian Christian leaders, their ministries, and the communities they serve.

The results are fascinating. “Almost half of leaders indicated at least one dimension of life as a significant struggle.”

Check out the summary report or the full report if you’re interested (both in PDF).
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Darryl Dash
author of How to Grow and 8 Habits for Growth