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Here's a thought, a quote, and a resource I wanted to share with you this Thursday.

Evangelicals aren’t known for emphasizing the importance of the body. We should work to change this for three reasons:
  • A theological reason: Scripture teaches the importance of the human body. God made us as embodied creatures.
  • A practical reason: You can’t function well spiritually, or in any area of your life, without your body. Try spending 5 minutes in prayer, for instance, after missing a night’s sleep.
  • A cultural reason: Our culture lacks an understanding of what it means to be embodied creatures, which leads to confusion in a lot of areas, particularly when it comes to issues around gender and sexuality.
I'm not a prophet, but I'm pretty sure that we will need to pay more attention to developing a theology of the body over the next few years.

“Jesus is hungry but feeds others; he grows weary but offers others rest; he is the King Messiah but pays tribute; he is called the devil but casts out demons; he dies the death of a sinner but comes to save his people from their sins; he is sold for 30 pieces of silver but gives his life a ransom for many; he will not turn stones to bread for himself but gives his own body as bread for people.”

(D.A. Carson)

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