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Here's a thought, a quote, and a resource I wanted to share with you this Thursday.

Carolyn Weber, author of Surprised by Oxford, said something profound in a recent podcast interview. “Everything tips toward grace."

“Well, I just think it's so incredibly superfluous. I think about things like bird song. There's no real reason for bird song. I mean, she can talk about mating and all that kind of thing. But really, there isn't no reason it should appeal to us, or be so incredibly beautiful that it stops you in the middle of a lecture.”

“Or something that we have enough oxygen to breathe, that we have everything in place for sustaining life, and we are fallen and broken world … And the fact that we see suffering is not the norm, but also that there's an equilibrium that we all long for again … There is this longing we have for something beyond ourselves that we can't quite name, but everything kind of points to that. He says all joy reminds. And we live in a world that has joy. Seems incredibly generous to me, given the depth of our darkness.”

“Frederick Buechner said that the most important thing a writer can do is really a spiritual discipline of just paying attention. Just pay attention. And I think if you pay attention, that's where I realized how incredibly generous it is.”

Thanksgiving is a reminder to pay attention to the fact that, even in this broken world, everything tips toward grace. We have an incredibly generous God.

“To maintain an inward spring of thanksgiving is one of the best ways to keep yourselves in spiritual health.”

(Charles Spurgeon)

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