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I know three church planters who failed. The church didn’t turn out as hoped, and they decided, for various reasons, to pack it in.

All three are gifted, capable, and godly.

I have a hard time actually believing they failed. Only heaven will reveal the impact of their ministry, even though it doesn’t seem like much by earthly standards.

I was struck by these words by Aaron Armstrong: “Faithfulness, simply, is embracing and obediently using what you’ve been given according to God’s wisdom and grace. To say it even more simply, faithfulness is obedience — obedience to God’s commands, calling, and gifting — and obedience is success.”

My planter friends are anything but failures.

“Coming before God in quietness, and waiting on him in silence, often can accomplish more than days of feverish activity.”

(A. W. Tozer)

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