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Here's a thought, a quote, and a resource I wanted to share with you this Thursday.

I love the title of the book The Patient Ferment of the Early Church.

According to the author, patience is one of the most striking characteristics among early Christians. They wrote more treatises on patience than on evangelism. They believed that patience is at the core of the church’s witness. When we’re distinct and patient, we show God’s character to the world. Patience is indispensable in a time of persecution.

I suspect we may need to practice patience in the coming years as well, “trusting in God … not controlling events, not anxious or in a hurry, and never using force to achieve their ends.” As the church stayed faithful patiently, Christianity transformed the world.

"It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply."

(A.W. Tozer)

I’m heartbroken over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

SEND Relief has prepared a PDF prayer guide for this crisis.

Please join me in praying for Ukraine.
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Darryl Dash
author of 8 Habits for Growth and How to Grow