I don’t usually post here on Thursdays anymore, not usually. I now post here on Tuesdays, as well as my Saturday Links on (of course) Saturday morning.

My Thursday posts now appear at The Gospel Coalition Canada. I hope you’ll check them out there and subscribe to the RSS.

I’m breaking that pattern this week, though, because I have something to announce.

G4L Coaching

I’ve written a four-month curriculum to help Christians grow and apply the gospel to all of their lives. My wife has partnered with me to provide coaching to help apply the curriculum. We’re opening up registration this Saturday until next Wednesday.

Gospel for Life

Two kinds of people would benefit:

  • If you would like to grow in practicing key habits in your Christian life, I think you would benefit.
  • If you’re a pastor, I think you could also benefit. I’ve written the material as a pastor to try to help my people grow, and you may want to check it out for possible use within your own church.

We’ve run this a few times before and received good reviews.

If you’re interested, please visit gospelforlife.com to learn more, and please don’t forget to register starting this Saturday.