Why Coaching Matters


“Every church leader needs a coach,” writes Scott Thomas in Gospel Coach. I’d go further: everybody needs a coach. If you are interested in growing in your faith, and integrating the gospel into every area of your life, you won’t be able to do it alone. Enlisting support from others is essential.

Six Reasons that Coaching Matters

Here are six reasons why coaching matters in your life.

1. Coaching Provides Support

The myth of the lone hero is popular in culture, but it’s not true. Nobody is self-made. We all need the support of others to get to where we’d like to be.

Scripture reminds us of this truth. It gives us many “one another” commands: love one another; encourage one another; accept one another, and so on. It assumes that we are living life with the intentional support of others. A coaching relationship is one way to get the support we need to make progress in our lives.

2. Coaching Provides Accountability

We grow when we have a relationship that provides us with feedback and accountability. We don’t need someone to blame us or criticize; we need someone to come alongside us, recognize patterns, to support us as we identify and take the next step forward

A good coach knows how to provide the right kind of accountability.

3. Coaching Provides Structure

Growth happens with the right structure. Just as a vine grows when supported by a trellis, a structure can give us the support we need to experience growth in our lives.

A good coach understands how to use structure to accelerate growth in someone’s life.

4. Coaching Provides Safety

A good coach begins where you are and helps you take the next step. Coaching can provide a place for you to be honest about your struggles, and to receive help in a non-judgmental way from someone who is committed to you.

5. Coaching is Effective

Numerous studies, as well as personal experience, point to the effectiveness of coaching. We have all benefited from the input of others who have taken an interest in us and helped us grow.

6. Coaching is Biblical

In Gospel Coach, Thomas gives numerous biblical examples of coaching:

  • Jesus coached the disciples
  • Barnabas coached Paul
  • Paul coached Timothy and Titus

According to Thomas, the dynamics of coaching — the transference of skills, character, and knowledge — are present throughout Scripture.

Coaching in Gospel for Life Discipleship

Gospel for Life Discipleship is a seven-week discipleship program designed to help you apply the gospel to your everyday life. We believe:

Gospel + Habits + Coaching = Real Life Transformation

In G4L Discipleship, you’ll get personal coaching and feedback as you work through practical, easy-to-do, daily habits. Give yourself the advantage of a coach for seven weeks as you build gospel habits for mind, body, and soul to last a lifetime.

Registration for the next round of G4L Discipleship is open from February 13 to 17, 2017. Pre-register below, or contact us with any questions. We’d love to help you get the coaching you need to experience real change in your life.

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Why Coaching Matters
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