This week marks the first anniversary of the release of How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to ALL of Your Life. To celebrate I’m giving away three copies, as well as reflecting on the book and listing some of the most popular quotes.


Writing How to Grow was a blast. I learned lots about how I work best at a bigger project, and about the publishing process. I can’t say enough about my agent, Steve Laube, or my publisher, Moody. I love how Moody invests in people they believe in, even people who aren’t as well known as some of the big authors, and I’ve had nothing but positive experiences working with them.

My favorite part of having written this book? Not to be a published author, although that is cool. My favorite thing is hearing people use and apply the book, including friends who are using this book as they disciple others, as well as people who don’t usually read books but have benefited from this one.

Being published is overrated. Seeing people benefit from a book is awesome.

Popular Quotes

According to Kindle, here are the most popular quotes:

Until Jesus comes back, the church’s role is to show and tell the story of the gospel. The gospel motivates us, guides us, and empowers us. It calls for a response. Once we respond with genuine repentance and faith, the gospel changes everything. (p. 23)

The gospel can be summarized by understanding three truths:

  • God is holy.
  • Humanity is sinful.
  • God is rescuing His people and creation through the perfect work of Jesus Christ. (p. 23)

Remind yourself regularly: God loves those who trust Him. You are loved. Keep yourself close to this love (Jude 1:21). (p. 28)

In fact, our role involves discipline and hard work (1 Cor. 9:27). But even our role is powered by God. Our hard work is necessary, but it’s only possible because God is empowering us to do this work. (p. 29)

Our greatest problem isn’t that we lack freedom. We’ve been offered freedom and unimaginable wealth through the gospel. Our problem is that we have a hard time living as if it’s true. (p. 37)

Luke reports that Jesus kept growing in four areas of life:

  • wisdom (skill in living)
  • stature (physical growth and health)
  • favor with God (spiritually)
  • favor with man (socially) (p. 43)

Spiritual maturity isn’t about white-knuckling it to sainthood. It’s about becoming a person who is fully alive. It means enjoying God and life in deeper and more abundant ways even in the middle of difficulty. It transforms our desires rather than denying them. Spiritual growth is the pursuit of God, and the pursuit of joy. It’s the happiest and best way to live. (p. 54)

We don’t find happiness by pursuing it; we find happiness by abandoning our lives in the pursuit of God. (p. 60)

The real goal of growth is that our hearts are changed so that we love God more than anything or anyone else, and love the things that He loves. (p. 63)

Obedience involves two activities: turning away from sin, and engaging in activities that help us grow. (p. 89)


Enter below to win one of three copies of the book, compliments of Moody Publishers. The contest is open to anyone in Canada and the continental United States. The contest ends on Sunday at 11:45 p.m. Enter using the form below.

Thanks for those who have encouraged me about this book!

How to Grow Anniversary and Giveaway
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