Theology Pub

On Monday, November 20 at 7PM, Andrew Fountain will be speaking about The Brain Revolution: New Ideas About Mental Health, Healing and Therapy, With a Christian Response.

The advent of functional MRI’s plus other tools for allowing objective measurements of the brain and nervous system have led to new models for mental disease and new evidence-based treatments.

Andrew will present an overview of the discoveries and treatments and suggest how Christians might respond to them. We will look at:

  • Recent exciting advances in understanding the brain that have turned upside down our ideas of how to change dysfunctional behavior
  • The implications for anyone in pastoral work, or even trying to help a hurting brother or sister
  • How to evaluate and respond from a Christian perspective

The staggering rise of mental illness in recent years brings challenges and opportunities to the church to demonstrate God’s power to change lives and the purpose of this talk is to help equip us towards that challenge.

Andrew is pastor of New Life Church in Toronto.

Updated Location

Tickets are free. Buy your own meal and drinks; we will pass the hat to cover the meals and drinks of the speaker. The pub will take place from 7 to 10 PM at The Fox and Fiddle (280 Bloor Street West, Toronto).

Please RSVP by November 13 to reserve your seat.