Links for your weekend reading:

Bill Hybels and the Future of the Church After #ChurchToo

Our addiction to success, to grandiosity, to winning has gone unchecked. We forgot that we were followers of a suffering servant, bearers of the Cross, participants in a cruciform story.

Church Planting Is a Roller Coaster

Some days, the joyous thrill will make you want to scream ecstatically from the top of your lungs. Other days, you’ll be so low that you’d rather just stagger off and puke.

Why There’s No “Typical” Sunday In A Small Church – And 5 Ways To Adapt To It

Small church pastors aren’t bad at planning, they’re just dealing with a much more fluid situation than our big church peers.

Pastoring like a Theologian: Five Lessons from the Life of Martin Luther

Let’s consider some notable, even surprising, tendencies from Luther’s ministry that can help us in our efforts to be modern pastor theologians.

Themelios 43.2

The new August 2018 issue of Themelios has 170 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews.