Links for your weekend reading:

Pastors & Suicide: What Pastors and Congregations Need to Know

How could a pastor commit suicide? Why are pastors committing suicide at increasing rates? What can you do if you are a pastor to help yourself? What can you do as a congregation to help your pastor?

Can Someone Be Spiritually Healthy and Still Experience Mental Health Challenges?

We should expect to find the same variance in mental health expressions amongst Christians that we find in physical health and abilities.

Why Leaders Fall

Leaders are a special target for the enemy. Not because they have greater intrinsic value but because their demise is so strategic.

Share Ministry, Even If It’s No Big Deal, Because It Actually Is

By hoarding even small tasks, I prevent other parts of the body from playing their role.

5 Reasons Not to Plant a Church

We need more churches. What we don’t need, however, are more churches planted for wrong reasons. What might some of those reasons be?

You Can’t Love Jesus Without Loving His Church

Christianity is inextricably linked to the local church. In fact, the local church is the New Testament’s expression of Christianity.

Books Should Cost More Than Burritos

The value of curated, long-form content molded and developed by an author, agent, editor, and publishing house cannot be understated.

One-on-One with Pastor Darryl Dash on ‘How to Grow’

An interview by Ed Stetzer on my new book