Links for your weekend reading:

The First Two Minutes Matter Most

Determine right now that when the service ends, you will do your utmost to give the first two minutes to someone you don’t know or to someone you don’t know well.

Why You Should Go to Church Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Friends, do you realize how vital it is to gather here together on the Lord’s Day, Sunday after Sunday?

Should We Make Our Children Go to Church?

We can’t be that surprised if our children drift off from the church when it is treated as something we (or, more to the point, they) can take or leave.

The Heterosexual Gospel

God has not come mainly to make same-sex attracted men and women completely straight, or to get them hitched. Christ has come to make us right with God.

The Bad News of Just Being Yourself

I’m convinced this theme of being true to ourselves is not just misleading but crushing because we’re actually broken and in need of restoration. Sorry, but I’m not who I’m meant to be.