Links for your weekend reading:

A 10-Point Social Media Strategy

Ligon Duncan — Chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, as well as the John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS — recently shared his social media strategy.

Why God’s Love Is Better than “Unconditional”

When you look closely, God’s love is very different from “unconditional positive regard,” the seedbed of contemporary notions of unconditional love.

Where the Differences Lie between Bruxy Cavey and (Reformed) Evangelicals

I love Carter’s discussion with Cavey since it provided such a great opportunity to place such central issues before the eyes of many Christians. Now, let’s do the work of diving into Scripture and pulling out the richness of biblical truth.

Are Catechisms a Baptist Thing?

Brothers and sisters, get a copy of a catechism and start scattering seeds in the young hearts in your home and church. They’re fruitful for Baptists — and all Christians.

3 Wrong and Right Ways to Change and Grow Spiritually

Enter the giveaway to win one of three copies of How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life by Darryl Dash.

Free eBook: ‘Happily Ever After’

This weekend only, download Happily Ever After: Finding Grace in the Messes of Marriage free of charge in three digital formats.