Links for your weekend reading:

What Is the [Functional] Great Commission of Your Church?

At the end of the day, it’s about this: Real Church Growth = Organized Disciple-Making.

Are We Making Jesus Famous or Just Trying to Make Him Sexy?

Making Jesus famous is more than affirming Gospel facts or emphasizing excellence in church services.

Six Reasons You Should “Go” to Church

I’m still “all in” for church attendance, and I think you should be, too.

5 Reasons the Ordinary Means Are Extraordinary Gifts

When we use God’s ordinary means, we get his power with them. There are so many reasons to build our churches around a ministry of God’s ordinary means of grace, but here are five.

3 Things to Be Cautious of in a Season of Suffering

We would be wise to be aware of some of the destructive things that might be happening in our souls.