Links for your weekend reading:

“You don’t go to church you ARE the church” … but ARE you?

You can’t stay away from regular gathering with the church and claim to be part of the Church.

8 Principles To Consider Before Leaving A Church You (Used To) Love

Leaving a church is hard. Don’t make it harder by doing it badly.

3 Goals — and 3 Enemies — in Church Planting

We enter into a church plant or pastoral ministry with a dream in mind. But do we have an equally clear set of goals for who we are to become as we stare down the barrel of a new gospel work?

25 Christian Books I Love to Recommend

I love encouraging people to read weighty, worthy, readable Christian books. I have said many times, Read! Read! Read! But beware of wasting your time on theological foam and suds.

John Chau, Missions, and Fools

We can point out our disagreement with Chau, and I will address those, but many Christians need to really decide if they can say, “I actually believe what is offensive to many today — I really believe that the world needs Jesus. And, I am OK that you think me a fool for believing that.”

Sleep with Your Boots On

This is wartime. Don’t take the armor off.