Links for your weekend reading:

Top Books and Stories

Lots of good book lists this week: TGC Book Awards, CT Book Awards, The 2018 FTC Book Awards, as well as favorite picks from Kevin DeYoung and Trevin Wax

If you want to set goals for reading in 2019, Tim Challies and Trillia Newbell both have plans.

Collin Hansen has listed his top theology stories from 2018.

The Desperation that is Pastoral Ministry

If you don’t have a sense of desperation you might not be fully engaged in your role as pastor/elder.

Pastoral Fellowships Are God’s Provision for Lonely Pastors

There are four key gifts that God has given to me through my monthly meetings with these men.

Why Your Church Should Invest in Church Planting Now

Existing churches would benefit from getting involved in church planting for at least seven reasons.