Links for your weekend reading:

Good News for Wretches

Since 2007 Mez McConnell has been senior pastor of Niddrie Community Church in Edinburgh, Scotland. Here are edited excerpts of our interview in front of students at Patrick Henry College.

Don’t Reap to the Edge of Your Field

We live in a margin-less world. This isn’t how we were meant to live. It’s certainly not how we should live if we expect the Lord to bring gospel-oriented opportunities into our lives.

Evangelicalism, Christian Identity, and Church Membership

Oh, brother, don’t worry about evangelicalism. It will take care of itself. Concern yourself first with your local church. Invest there. Faithfully love those people. Avail yourself of their correction. Then, when you turn to write for a broader audience, as with my whole job, don’t worry whether people say you’re in or you’re out. Just do your best to love and be biblically faithful.

Church Planting Is Not Just About Evangelism

Church planting is as much about discipleship as it is evangelism.

Book Lists

More from J.A. Medders and Sam Storms. Challies has collected and summarized some of the lists.

Do You Plan Your Reading?

There’s something else that makes this time of year wonderful to me: the joyful preparation of a reading plan for the coming year, which I do every year in late December and early January.