Links for your weekend reading:

4 Big Challenges Facing the Church in the West Today

The biggest challenges we face today are not from tyrannical regimes or oppressive governments. They are more subtle—proclivities and inclinations smuggled into our churches alongside the cultural sensibilities we’ve inherited.

Holy Boldness is Needed in Hostile Climates

What are Christians to do in hostile climates and with cultural topics where orthodox Bible believing values are seen as an invitation to a fight?

The Father Was Not Angry With the Son at the Cross

The notion that the Father (or God) is angry with the Son misunderstands Trinitarian orthodoxy, Reformed theology, and the clear emphasis of Scripture. Here’s why.

How Total Depravity Changed My Life

Total depravity changed everything for me. Not because of its message of brokenness, but because for the child of God, it’s a gateway to hope.

Putting Numbers In Their Place

There is a proper place for numbers. But it is when they are overemphasized in my mind that they cause trouble in my heart.

Make Reading a Priority — and Let Books Change You — in the Coming Year

PLEASE turn off the television and open a great book and begin to read. Tell yourself you will read a minimum of ten minutes before watching something or looking at a device.