Links for your weekend reading:

Not Glamorous but Full of Glory

A Christian congregation is not a glamorous place. But I’ve come to see it can be a beautiful place.

Is It a Sin to Miss Church?

The reason that flippantly missing church is so grievous is that the King himself is the one summoning us to the feast.

Church Planting? Do These 5 Things First

If I were starting out to plant a church in the next year, these five things would be a high priority in building foundations for a healthy church.

Why Church Planting Is So Hard

Church planters must be prepared to withstand opposition from three directions: outside, inside, and above the church.

Church Planter, Redefine Success and Seek Emotional Health

We mustn’t underestimate the emotional costs involved in planting a church. Whether it be the constant change, pervasive uncertainty, isolation, support raising and recruiting, leadership development, frenetic pace, or unrealistic expectations—church planters need to manage all of these, not to mention the daily responsibility to lead people in the truth.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (or Why You Should Consider Starting)

Today I want to list a few reasons it may be better for bloggers to continue blogging on their own sites, and why we need a new generation of bloggers to take up the craft.

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