Links for your weekend reading:

How to Kill a Church

Want to fatten a church for slaughter? The steps are below.

This is a true story.

The Everlasting Impact of Faithful Shepherding

Faithful shepherding secures souls. Where would Steve be today if his church and his pastors had taken seriously the charge to watch over his soul?

20 Quotes on How Your Church Should Exhibit Loving Authority

So much of godly pastoring and parenting is about planting seeds and then waiting for God to give the growth…

The Strongest Men Are Gentle

The answer to the dangers of strength is not its loss, but the gaining of a Christian virtue called gentleness.

Don’t Let the Devil’s Perfection Be the Enemy of Bible-Reading Progress

When we read it, don’t let perfection in not knowing Christ as well as we might like be the enemy of progress in knowing him better.

My Personal Devotions Chair

The implication is clear: we can train ourselves to link a particular habit with a particular context.