Links for your weekend reading:

We Don’t Sing for Fun

Many churches consider singing the funnest part of the service. Yet singing is not prescribed for Christian worship for the purpose of fun.

Faithful with the Few

“If you can’t be faithful with a few, don’t ask the Lord to give you many.”

Why We Need to Think About Ecclesiology and Polity More Than We Care to Admit

The overwhelming majority of issues in our churches stem from a lack of thinking on ecclesiology.

How Do Churches End Up with Domineering Bullies for Pastors?

Being domineering is catastrophic for a flock. It seems effective in the short term — it gets things done! — but it is disastrous in the long term.

Don’t Preach Microwaved Leftover Sermons

You don’t have to be ruled by the tyranny of the Sunday sermon deadline if you will take back control of your schedule and submit it to the biblical priorities for pastoral ministry.

Pros and Cons of Two Kinds of Church Plants

In our North American culture there seems to be two basic ways of planting a church:

  1. Starting a church service
  2. Discipling a church into reality

Both models have pros and cons.