Links for your weekend reading:

Be Prepared for the Normal Resting State of the Church

Rest works as a time of deepening in the growth cycles of the Church, even as it might continue to broaden.

Theological Minutia Matters

Theology matters. Because love is mindful, not just heartfelt.

Refuting the Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Here’s how to refute the irrefutable law of the lid.

Five Reasons to Avoid Sending Short-term Mission Teams

For those five reasons, I won’t be leaping at the chance to get a short-term mission team.

10 Things to Know About Ministry Among the Poor

The best mercy ministry is a healthy, local gospel church peaching the gospel, loving the poor, and discipling people right at the heartbeat of our schemes.

The Best Leaders Remember Your Name

There is the rare leader who looks you in the eye, and remembers your name, and asks you questions about your life, and gets down to talk to your children, and doesn’t worry about the stain on his shirt from lunch. You marvel that he carries his power so unpretentiously. You like him.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: An Eternal Tonnage of Glory

Never think that God isn’t at work in your suffering. It may not seem like it now, but eternity will show that it was worth it.