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Links for your weekend reading:

The Missing Relationship in the Church

It is all too easy to remain anonymous and be lost in the crowd. This problem must be confronted with the persevering commitment of personal discipleship.

7 Questions For Meaningful Conversation With Believers

We’ve got to move dialogue with believers beyond a superficial level if we are going to really know and encourage one another. But where do we even start?

Here are seven questions you might ask.

Are Sundays Good for Babies?

Every Sunday, Christian parents have an opportunity to bring their little ones to Jesus. It might be disruptive. But that’s a good thing.

Four Ways to Fight Sexual Sin

Sexual sin goes against who God created humans to be. The Bible teaches us this lesson in Proverbs 5 as the sage warns a young married man against the adulteress … As the passage unfolds, it presents to us four steps we’ll need to take to avoid sexual sin.

The Biblical Opposite of Homosexuality Is Not Heterosexuality

If asked, what would you say is the opposite of homosexuality? The vast majority of us would answer that it’s heterosexuality. But as Christopher Yuan points out in the following article, the biblical answer is different: it’s holiness.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: Dying Well

My predecessor served well. He preached, baptized, discipled, led, and lasted through the ups and downs of ministry. But even more importantly, he died well. He died loving his wife, encouraging others, and clinging to his Lord.