Links for your weekend reading:

A Meditation on Strength and Weakness

Strength is good, but for the Christian, strength is found in weakness, in despairing of ourselves instead of applauding ourselves.

Why We Need a Church Planting Manifesto

The Send Institute has formulated a manifesto to serve as a rallying point for God’s church to effectively honor him in his kingdom advance.

5 Reasons We Don’t Disciple

We often hear leaders say that there is a great need for Christians to be discipled; that is, to be personally cared for and nurtured to maturity and fruitfulness. Yet very few leaders seem to be discipling others today. Let me suggest five reasons for this.

Why Is It So Hard to Pray?

It’s hard to pray because humbling ourselves, getting over ourselves, and coming to the end of our stubborn and sinful selves is hard.

Why I Don’t See Tithing as the Pinnacle of Christian Virtue, OR as Something Legalistic

I view tithing as a child’s first steps — not the best she’ll ever do, but simply a good beginning, one which her parents celebrate.

4 Ways Writing Helps Me as a Pastor

The pastoral benefits of writing have been so profound that the discipline has grown on me.

Writing has helped me as a pastor in four major ways.

Twelve Rules for the Bookish Life

  1. Read widely. If it be strange, bid it welcome. Your hopes of becoming more capacious and hospitable will depend less on the depth than the breadth of your “to-read” list.
  2. Always have a “to-read” list on the go. Even one that’s absurdly, impossibly long. If you believe in heaven: there’ll be time…

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: When Pastors Get Discouraged

I’m no longer surprised when pastors like me get discouraged. But when we do, we can remind ourselves: ministry’s a privilege; it’s supposed to be hard; and it matters even when I can’t see it.