Links for your weekend reading:

We Really Are Stronger Together

Sending off a gifted young pastor and forty members to strengthen a church in need is no small matter. It’s too bad that it seems remarkable.

Good Church Planters Are Historians

If we fail to rightly understand such history, our churches risk doing more harm than good.

You Can’t Livestream Church

Although a livestream can be a great tool to serve people unable to attend, it can’t replace the experience of actually going to church.

Leverage Your Short-Term Mission Trips for Long-Term Goals

Would the Apostle Paul join your short-term missions trip? If you’ll design it around Jesus’ disciple-making, church-establishing Commission, then my guess is Paul would be glad to.

Christ Rescued Haykin from the Clutches of Marxism

Michael Haykin has one of the most interesting conversion stories I’ve ever heard.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Bruised Reed

I can’t remember exactly when I came across The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes, but it’s a book I return to often.