Curated links for your weekend reading:

Pastor, Why Do You Want a Big Church?

In this post I hope to explore the pastor’s desire for a big church.

Three Ways We Impede Gospel Ministry in Deprived Communities

I am delighted more people are talking about church in deprived communities. This is long overdue. But there are still several ways we continue view and treat deprived communities that are not serving the cause of gospel ministry.

Matthew 18 is Not Instructive for Book Reviews, But Much of the New Testament Is

When a public book is written (or a conference is held or a blog post is published—anything public) a public response is appropriate. The response—or review—is not church discipline.

Look! Look To Your Baptism!

When a church takes baptism seriously, this baptism becomes a pillar or monument the Christian can look back on later in life.

How Individualism Corrupts the Church’s Mission

Individualism negatively impacts three areas critical to the Great Commission.

Am I Sinning If I’m Not Happy as a Christian?

Since God repeatedly commands His people to be happy, our happiness is a measure of our obedience.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Ministry of Reproof

Reproof is hard. If you enjoy it or find it easy, you probably shouldn’t do it. But when practiced well, it’s a ministry that’s a gift to individuals and the church.