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How the Lord’s Supper Reminds Me of the Lord’s Grip

Singing, praying, standing to read Scripture, observing the Lord’s Supper, listening to sermons, giving tithes and offerings, are all ordinary acts of worship. These acts, however, don’t just train our hearts to hold on when doubt, disease, and discouragement move in; they hold us when our grip begins to fail.

How the Church Can Help with Mental Illness

Churches can help in many ways. A few of the simplest ideas are these…

3 Reasons We Ought to Corporately Lament

When breaking news hits or when dealing with controversial grief, lead your people with the language of a broken heart.

Don’t be silent. Lament.

3 Things I’d Tell My Younger Pastor Self

I’ve been in this for more than 28 years. Over the decades, I’ve learned some things I wish I would have known as a freshman pastor.

When Churches Can’t Do Everything

The simple—yet disappointing—fact is that no local church can do everything there is to be done. Or to put it more pointedly: Your thing may not be your church’s thing.

The Church Needs More Church History

How many Christians know the names and stories of countless Hollywood stars but remain unaware of the most important people and stories in church history? Hollywood cares about its history. Does the church?

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: God of Weakness

The cross reveals that God works through weakness. He did on Good Friday, and he continues to do so today.

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