Curated links for your weekend reading:

Be Remembered: My Grandpa, the Bridge Builder

A few hours ago, my grandfather, Dr. Warren Wiersbe, breathed his last breath in his earthly body and took his first breath in glory.

Start Asking God for More

I don’t think we can really argue against the claim that we are praying less. So what should we do?

Four Creative Ways to be Generous

Perhaps, like me, you wonder if it’s possible to be generous when finances are tight.

How to Fall in Ministry

Looking back over the wreckage of so many disgraced pastors and failed ministries, what are some common denominators across the landscape of impurity in the pastorate? If you wanted to fall, what would you make sure you’d do?

How Can I Regain the Use of Greek and Hebrew?

I still read my Hebrew Bible and Greek New Testament every day. And I think more pastors should do the same.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Path to the Good Life

Every week I gather with God’s people. We enter into worship having been bombarded with messages from the culture all week: Look within. Be true to yourself. You decide what’s right. Live the good life.