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Be Wiersbe

I’m telling you this because I think Jesus needs less empty suits and more Wiersbes. Warren wasn’t flashy, and he wasn’t about himself. He was real—what the kids call “authentic”—and he was funny. He knew who he was, and he loved Jesus in his normal, ordinary way. Warren was a very human saint, which is the best kind of saint. I didn’t appreciate that enough when I first met him, but I do now.

How an Obscure Dutch Historian Helped Me Understand 2019

This volume is priceless in its ability to help us understand the West’s recurrent social, cultural, and political convulsions.

What Does Committing to the Local Church Mean?

Most people recognize that joining a local church means committing to it in some way. But what does it mean in practice to commit to the local church? Here are some key things.

5 Reasons Pastors Ought to Pray for Slow Growth

Smaller churches are not godlier than larger churches. I’m not calling for no growth. I’m simply going to suggest both you and your congregation will be well-served by slow and steady growth.

The Second-Tier Leadership Principle

Real change in any organization – the kind which changes ingrained structure and systems – DNA type changes – and sometimes people changes – often take steady progress over a number of years.

9Marks Journal — Church Membership: Following the Lord Together

If millennials are the future, the future does not look bright for church membership.

Some church leaders, in response, want to do away with membership altogether…

The Most Innocent Way to Hell

Your man does not need to serve jail time nor burn down the town. He must simply, innocently, carry on believing that eternity is the business of tomorrow.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: How is Ministry Going?

“How’s ministry going?”

I confess I never know how to answer this question. I sometimes offer the response I once heard: “Reasonably well, all things considered.”

If I had the time to explain, I think I’d offer a three-part answer: it’s hard, joyous, and difficult to measure.

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