Curated links for your weekend reading:

Old Books, New Books, and Trends That Fade Away

What can be learned from these books that are called “life changing,” “must reads,” and “instant classics” that are then quickly forgotten and good for nothing but scrap?

David Powlison’s Commencement Address: Be Unafraid to Be Publicly Weak

My deepest hope for you is that in both your personal life and your ministry to others, you would be unafraid to be publicly weak as the doorway to the strength of God Himself.

What We Lose When We Collapse the Four Gospels into One

So what do we lose when we collapse the four Gospels into one? I believe we lose at least three things.

7 Lies Christians in College Tell Themselves

Though certainly not unique to students, these seven lies seem especially present in this life stage and should be called out.

My column this week at The Gospel Coalition Canada: The Last Enemy

One day we will die. We do well if we live our entire lives in light of this reality, learning how to lament death, but clinging to the hope of the resurrection, living every moment in light of the living hope that can’t be taken away.